Nicks Motorcycle Training in Dorchester Dorset Weymouth

About us

We have five instructors altogether working for Nicks Motorcycle Training with a wealth of experience. Our aim through out your training is to make the experience enjoyable and as stress free as possible. If you're not getting the hang of it it's our problem not yours!

Nick has been instructing for fifteen years now and previously worked for a big national training school as a manager for this area. Since forming an independent school he has made it his priority to maintain that personal touch with, of course, as much humour as possible!! (that doesn’t mean to say if you get it wrong we laugh at you!!) Nick is also a State Registered Psychiatric nurse, so if the stress gets too much some free therapy on the N.H.S is available. Nick is a fully qualified (cardington assessed) D.A.S certified Driving Standards Agency motorcycle instructor (and by far the best in the company!!)

Steve has been riding and training with Nick's since the “beginning”. As with all of us Steve's passion for motorcycling is matched by his commitment to getting the message across, not only on safety but also having fun. Steve's hobbies are trying to cut himself in half with an angle grinder, amongst other things (did you see the headlines in the Echo a few summers ago). Having fully recovered he takes, in good humour, the side splitting (that’s where he cut himself) cracks. Steve is a fully qualified D.A.S certified Driving Standards Agency motorcycle instructor.

Dixie joined us shortly after the “beginning” and is also a fully qualified (cardington assessed) D.A.S certified Driving Standards Agency motorcycle instructor. Dixie has a background in teaching and has a wealth of experience, ranging form fighting wars (he was in the army) through to his present role in successfully getting customers through their tests (he hasn’t told us yet which one is more stressful). It has been noted by numerous people that Dixie's profile is not as big as everbody elses. This is no reflection on any part of Dixie. He is 6ft 2in, looks very nice in his motorcycle kit and is available for calls (motorcycle training that is).

Michael was a former student who has now joined us as a downtrained instructor. Michael's forward and fun manner will put you at ease and make the course entertaining and enjoyable.

Tim is also an ADI (approved driving instructor) so has a wealth of experience in teaching. He has been riding for many years and also volunteers with the Blood Bikes.

Roy Roy is our mechanic and has been with us for years (pretty much since the beginning). He services all our bikes and the school bikes, keeping them all in running order. Roy's always laughing until I pay him!! He keeps the workshop in good order until Steve comes along and “borrows” the tools!!

The wonderful Dawn!
Dawn organises the business, takes the calls, sorts the finances and basically keeps us all in order. She's absolutely fanatical about bikes and is always pestering me to take her to shows...... or the other way around!!

And the boys!
Alex, Josh, Nick and Dan.