Nicks Motorcycle Training in Dorchester Dorset Weymouth


You will have noticed that most other website's have not given prices. Doesn't that just infuriate you! I'm taking a bit of a risk and hoping you will call me anyway (I am nice!).

CBT costs £120 on own bike or £140 hire bike.

Theory test costs £30.

Pre-DAS road ride £140.

Extra day after CBT £140.

A / A1 / A2 tests

A1 test 125cc 17yrs+ is £120 plus £30 hire bike.

A2 test 245cc 19yrs+ is £120 plus £50 hire bike.

A test 595cc 24yrs+ is £120 plus £50 hire bike.

A1 course

Full A1 test course all depends on experience. Please ask us for details.

A / A2 course

For example, an experienced rider (several years off or on road) could cost £685 (this can include CBT) and does include bike hire, test fees and instruction.

A rider with no experience (or minimal) could cost £770 (this does not include CBT).

Back 2 Biking

Back 2 Biking costs £170, you can try several bikes during your day course.

For a full list or prices you can download our PDF or Word doc