Nicks Motorcycle Training in Dorchester Dorset Weymouth

Training in a nutshell

At the end of your training there will be a Mod 1 off road test lasting approximately 10 minutes involving pushing your bike backwards, a slalom, figure of 8, slow control ride, U turn, a 32mph emergency stop and a 32mph hazard avoidance controlled stop.

You can watch our short instructional video

Once this has been passed you are now ready for your Mod 2 test. This will be approximately 40 minutes riding in and out of town (just like your car test but on a bike).

For more information download a basic guide to motorcycle training as a PDF or Word doc

Back 2 Biking

For those born again bikers or those of you who wish to learn a little more post test. This may be a useful course for you.

Do you worry about cornering? Are you concerned about riding in the rain?

We tailor the course to your needs. Give us a ring or contact us to find out more.