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Battlefield Tours

I (Nick) have always had a fascination for the battlefields of Europe. In particular my interest is in the Western Front battlefields of the first world war where I lost one Great Great Uncle at the second battle of Ypres and one on the second day of the battle of the Somme.

I also have their diaries which I would gladly copy for those who may be interested in visiting the battlefields with us.

Most families in the UK lost someone close in the battlefields of the first world war. If you have any information regarding those soldiers but want more we might be able to help.

Our next battlefield tour is a unique opportunity to travel to the beautiful old market town of Leper (Ypres) in West Belgium. Once at the heart of one of the worst battles of the first world war, visit the famous poppy fields of Flanders where a generation of young men were lost and today lie in the 160 beautifully maintained military cemeteries.

We are also planning to visit the Somme battlefields and a trip to the D-Day Normandy beaches.

Please contact us for more details and dates.